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Please View Our  Store Policies

What should I do before I place my order?

Before you place your order, please consult this guide for assistance with ring, bracelet and chain sizing. The information provided below will help you make sure your new jewelry fits you just right, and save you from the hassle and expense of returning your jewelry for the correct size. Feel free to contact Juan Lee if you have any questions about this information, or if you need to special order a custom  size. If you do need to send back your jewelry because it doesn’t fit properly, please refer to the “Sending items back for Repair” question  or “Exchange Store Policy” and consult this guide to determine the correct size for reordering.

What type of shipping do I use? How long does it take? What happens if my order doesn’t arrive?

Most Orders and shipments are sent through the USPS  Post Office  using First Class Mail with “Tracking” or Priority Mail “Small Flat Rate Box” . Unless requested other wise, the standard shipping and handling  fee is $10 on Rings and Pendants. Bracelets may cost more depending on how heavy they are. If the customer would like to pay more for Insurance or Priority Mail the cost will be higher and other shipping Carriers like FedEx or UPS  will also cost more. Standard Shipping  through USPS Post Office are 4-6 working days. Kinetic Jewelry has never had problem with loosing a shipment with USPS postal service, but if for some reason your order doesn’t arrive, we will try to track it with the Tracking Number. If for some reason USPS has in fact lost the order Kinetic Jewelry cannot take responsibility for the mistake of USPS and will discuss further options with the customer to correct the issue. When placing an order make sure the name, zip code and address are all correct.

What Material do I use?

Mainly I use  Sterling Silver. The precious metal Sterling Silver is made up of two elements  Copper and  Fine Silver.  Fine Silver contains  99.9% silver while Sterling Silver only contains 92.5 % silver. The other 7.5% is a copper alloy. An “Alloy is something that is added to a Precious Metal like Gold to make the Metal stronger and more durable for every day use. An Alloy also decreases the purity of the Precious Metal but in return it will last though everyday “wear and tear” .

Most of my casting (98%) is done “In House production” by me personal. The 2% that are not made by me are components, for example Earring Posts, Omega Back Findings, Lever Backs and Cuff Link Findings. I actually add more Fine Silver in to my mix 94% and 6% of “Sterilium Alloy” (from United Precious Metals). This Alloy produces a bright silver that hold Tarnish free for 2 yrs. According to the Guarantee  of the alloy. All my silver is nickel free.

What happens when the Sterling Silver Tarnishes?

Tarnish is when the Silver turns Black in color. This is very common, it is natures way of “Oxidizing”. Much how Steel rusts and the color is Brown, Sterling Silver will Oxidize or Tarnish turning yellow then darkening to black. Unfortunatley, some of my customers will Tarnish the silver faster than others for reasons that i don’t understand . But I have started using an Alloy that doesn’t Tarnish as fast but i can not guarantee that it will not Tarnish. If my work tarnishes please  use a simple silver/gold polishing cloth. For a $20 fee  plus $7 shipping  you can send  it back and I will make it look new again . Please see the “How long should I wait to get my Repair or Order back” question.


Where do I send my Kinetic jewelry if it needs Repair or Re-Sizing ?

Sending Items back for Repair or Sizing  is very easy. Make sure you include a $10 Check  for return shipping/ handling. Please include a Note of what needs to be done, contact information, return shipping address and Email address

Please send to: 

Juan Lee. West Covina, CA 91793 .


How long should I wait to get my Repair or Order back?

I try to get repair and orders done as fast as I can. But because I am a small company and do many of projects  by myself  I do need  a minimum of 3-6 weeks. Please understand  depending on how busy I am and if I’m out doing an art show, wait times may vary 2-3 months. I may be on the road for 8 weeks doing ArtShows and will not be able to work on Repairs/Orders until I’m back at the office.

Does my work come with a Guarantee or Warranty?

Yes, Kinetic-Jewelry has a Limited lifetime Guarantees/ Warranty. As long as I’m in Business I will honor Guarantee against Production defects like hinge work and stone setting.

What Is NOT covered: Daily Wear and Tear like scratches, bent ring bands, stone breakage. For these issues I will Repair the work but cannot Replace the peice for new. Also veiw “Store Policies” under “Exchange Policy” for further information.

Can I choose  the stones for the jewelry before I buy it?

Yes, many items have a drop down menu for what stones are available. If the drop down menu does not have the stone that you want please contact Shandor for a custom  order.

Can you do special or custom orders?

Yes , since much of the entire website is “Made to Order” which means that I don’t have much stock and the items must be made after they are ordered. If requested, like a special sizes, special stones or design alteration, I can probably do it.

Are the stones real?

Yes all my Stones are real Semi-Precious Stones. I don’t use Fake stones unless requested by special order. I mainly use colored birth stones which include: Amethyst (purple), Swiss Blue Topaz (blue), Garnet (red), Rhodolite Garnet (red pink/ red purple), Onyx (solid black), Fresh Water Pearls (peacock color, white, grey, brown), Salt water Mabe Pearl (Peacock blue, Pink, White), Peradot (green), Green quartz, Bewa Pearls,  and Deer Antler Carvings. If requested I can easily set synthetic stones but I do not normally use them.

What type of Stones do you use? Are they Real?

Can I set diamonds?

Yes, but because of the cost of the stone and liability issues I may refuse to take the project. Single Bezel or Prong setting of Round or Oval shapes I can do but more difficult setting work like Channel and Pave setting I will Not do.

How do I choose the right Ring size?

First you can use my online ring sizer (ring-sizer PDF).  This is a printable universal sizer. After printing, cut it out of the paper and follow the directions. The sizer works “ok” but its not like trying on a real sold ring. Of course, everyone’s preference for ring style is unique, depending on body shape, preferred fit, and the style of the ring. Some styles are just to big or to petite for the customer. Please keep in mind that thinner bands will fit looser than wider thicker bands. Most Kinetic-Jewelry designs are wider thicker bands so they will fit snug. For example the Multiform rings are two separate rings joined with hinges so this will take up more surface area on the finger hence a snugger fit. In this case depending on if you like your rings to fit snug it might be best to order 1/4 or 1/2 size larger. If I don’t have the correct size for you, custom sizes orders are welcome. If your still not sure about your ring size best togo to your local jewelry store and get them to size your finger, They  will have are a few ways and rings that may even match my style of thicker band for you to try on.


Not sure which Chain length to order?

Use the list below as a guide to traditional necklace lengths for an average woman’s body. Of course, everyone’s preference for necklace length is unique, depending on body shape, preferred fit, and the style of chain. For example, a delicate chain will fit differently than a thick chunky one, and the exact length of a long necklace is not as critical as that of a short one. Also many of our chains have extension links, so they can be worn sometimes 2 inches longer. But when choosing the correct length choose the exact fit.

Is the Chain included? Unfortunately not, all my chains are sold separately. Some of my chain cost much more than the pendants because of the amount of silver used.

Chain Lengths

12-14 inches: around neck (choker)

16 inches: at neckline

18 inches: at collarbone

20 inches: a few inches below collarbone (mid-chest)

22-24 inches: at or just above décolletage

24 inches: just below décolletage

How to measure your necklace size: The best way to determine the proper length to order is to measure a chain you alraedy own in similar style. Another method is to drape a string around your neck, and to cut it once you have determined the length that suits you. Use that measurement as a guide to ordering the closest length available in the style of your choice.


Please note that many of Artsilver chains are adjustable from

16-18 inches




However, if you do not see the size you need just contact Shandor about special ordering a custom size, especially if you need a petite, plus, or children’s size. Additional charges may apply for custom sizes.

How do I choose the right Bracelet Size?

Make sure that your new bracelet fits you perfectly by measuring your wrist or a favorite bracelet before ordering. The average women’s bracelet size is 7.5 inches, though we all know that wrists come in as many shapes and sizes as we do. Therefore, it is very important to double-check your wrist and bracelet size before ordering. Remember, your typical clothing size may not correspond to your wrist or bracelet size.

Bracelet Sizes

X-Small: 6.5 inches

Small: 7 inches

Medium: 7.5 inches

Large: 8 inches

X-Large: 8.5 inches

XX-Large: 9 inches

Please note that the sizes above are bracelet sizes, not wrist sizes (i.e. they are 1 to 1.5 inches larger than your wrist measurement—see below). If a bracelet is either adjustable or has an extender chain, it will be noted in its product description.

How to measure your bracelet size: Wrap a soft measuring tape or ribbon snugly (but not too tightly) around your wrist, just below your wrist bone. Mark the length, (cutting and/or measuring the ribbon with a ruler) and add 1 to 1.5 inches. This is your bracelet size.

Another measurement technique: simply measure a bracelet that fits you comfortably and is similar in style to the one you want to order. Remember, a chunky bracelet will fit you differently than a delicate one, and will need to be a bit longer to accommodate the width of the materials. Don’t forget to measure the bracelet end-to-end, including the clasp.

If you need to order a chain, bracelet or ring in a size not listed, please contact Juan Lee about placing a custom order.


Bracelet ordering tips

Still not sure about your size?

When placing your bracelet order, keep in mind that it is better for a bracelet to be slightly loose rather than snug, and don’t forget to consider what kind of bracelet fit is most comfortable for you (either tighter or looser). If your wrist is between sizes, I suggest that you round up to the next largest size.

If you do not see your preferred bracelet size on a product’s pull down menu, just contact Juan Lee about special ordering a custom size (see below for information about petite or plus sizing).

Please make sure to measure your wrist accurately before ordering, as there is $30-40 resizing fee for bracelets that need added links. If your bracelet needs resizing, and there are stone settings then the whole bracelet needs to be completely remade. This takes the same amount of time and labor as making it the first time. So this would fall under Exchange Policy, as the original bracelet would need to be taken back.

Exchange Policy: I do accept Exchanges if the product is in the same condition as when purchased and if the value of the exchanged item is equal to or greater than the new item, the balance must be payed at that time. Please note if the exchanged item is damaged broken or deeply scratched and cannot be Re-Sold then the exchanged item will need to be repaired and I cannot give full value back for the exchange. I will honor 50% of the value of the invoice at the time it was bought. Also for all Exchanges regardless for the issue,  the customer is responsible for shipping plus the In house processing fees of  $10-$20 per item exchanged  independent of  Sales Tax and Credit Card processing fees.


Do you make really Small  sizes or really Large sizes?

Yes, for Children’s sizes as guideline, a petite size would be 2 inches smaller than the smallest size offered of a chain. A plus size would be approximately 2 inches larger than the largest size. Some additional charges will typically apply for labor and materials used to make a plus size.

Christmas Ordering. When do I have to order to be sure I have it before christmas?

Best to order at least 6 weeks minimum before christmas. Kinetic-Jewelry has a very extensive Artshow schedule in the fall months, so make sure you give us enough time to make the items. Every year I have to decline at least 10 orders due to time constraints for the holidays.

I Hope this guide is helpful to you, if you have further unanswered questions

please contact me


Juan Lee. 

West Covina, CA 91793 .


Please View Our  Store Policies

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